Add a touch of Class with Glass

The Journey

An email sent to me from Hugh & Clare.

We had some ideas to reinvent an OK kitchen into something spectacular, at least in our minds!
We shared our ideas with Anthony who helped them grow into reality.

(Scudz )First up we removed the old Splashback as you can see its a blue colour and a lot smaller.

The main hurdle was whether the glass splashback would be able to fit into our space due to its proportions and our request for a seamless finish?. after all if there was to be no grout and easy cleaning, why not go all the way!! Could it be fit as it was so big??

(Scudz) As you can see the size was 2400mm X 1700mm high with cut outs & holes.
Working with Anthony was quite easy as he even went the extra mile to meet our needs when arranging times to meet in with pre-existing commitments. His flexibility and adaptability with his work is a credit to him.
The design? we knew we wanted something unique and were impressed when we saw Anthony's design capabilities, his colour range, mix and match approach and being open to watching the product come to fruition as an option. To name a design (Chaos)Chaos is a custom made design. worked well for us, after all, it was a kitchen renovation!!

An additional challenge to overcome was manoeuvring this large piece between stairwells and corridors up two floors, let alone the careful placement between a bench and a ceiling to its final

resting place - phenomenal effort with a lot of sweat and ? joyful tears!!!
(Scudz) With the Splashback in place the rest was easy going.
This sort of project also relied on the skill of measuring accurately - this certainly was evident in the finished product where fitting underneath shadow lines and close to kitchen cupboards and benches without having to experience large silicone lines to ?hide? those unnecessary gaps.

It's all in the measurement certainly rings true in our case.

The finished product: (Scudz) the return was installed in grey mirror.

This highlighted the joining splashback as well as the ocean view.

The splashback comes alive at different times of day and night with the changing light. We keep

seeing different shapes emanating from the splashback.
What has brought an additional smile to our faces has been the comments made by other visiting contractors who have noted that they see different objects in the glass splashback that we haven't

On a final note we did not think it possible that concepts that have been built in our minds would actually surpass our expectations with the final product Thanks Anthony at Scudz
Hugh and Clare

Thankyou Hugh & Clare it was our pleasure to make your dream splashback come alive.

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