Add a touch of Class with Glass

Facts you need to know

Glass is the choice of the modern new home maker or renovator. It is stylish, elegant with an amazing reflective finish in any colour your heart's desire. Your new glass splashback would look and feel wonderful and adds value to your kitchen and home.

When we install your glass splashback it will provide a modern, contemporary and sophisticated look which is so easy to keep clean, no need to scrub grout or easily damage, or melt like some other products.

Your glass splashback will look and stay the same for the life of your kitchen.

When making the decision to have a custom made glass splashback you need to consider whether your want a painted colour, painted design or print.

At Scudz, Anthony and Angela will be there to help you from the start to completion. So it's time to get a quote. Send us the sizes, how many power point holes and what area your live in. Send to Or click here to request a quote.

At Scudz we understand that not everyone is able to do this so call Anthony on 0437 822 403 and he will arrange to visit at a time that suits you to measure up for a quote. Now your new kitchen is in place with any overhead cupboards installed and all power point positions marked and cut out.

It's now time to call us to measure up. We check the levels with a cross hair laser to make sure your glass follows the cupboards, even if it's out of square. This is common so don't worry. There are two types of glass low Iron called Super clear and high Iron glass called Clear. Low Iron Super Clear glass is optically clear in colour. High Iron Clear glass has a slightly green colour.

Choosing a colour can be very hard for some and others have already made up their minds. But there is a lot to consider when choosing a colour. Your bench colour, wall colour, floor colour, styling and lighting that surrounds the kitchen. As well you may have LED lighting under over head cupboards.

So what's the right colour for your kitchen ?

At this stage I will bring along my colour samples. It's the best time as all the lighting will influence your colour decision. If you would like to look at the samples at the workshop your welcome as well.

As far as colour we can paint any colour or shade, just need something to match to. I have been asked to match a orange vase this year, We always aim to please. I have over 30 years experience in the auto painting industry. So when it comes to colour I always get it right.

We will assist you in picking a colour but it is your choice. We can give you an original painted design in any colour you like, designs have two colours. You will find the painted designs at the photo gallery in the section called

FX Photo Gallery.

Adding a printed image to a splashback is so up there in the right place. They look best if there are no power point holes in it. Also a printed image should only be used behind an induction type cook top. This has a very low heat transfer to the splashback. At Scudz all our splashbacks are made from 6mm thick glass and toughened to Australian standards.

Toughened glass is 500% stronger than standard 6mm glass.

At this stage you glass is painted and left to cure for a day or two. After the glass and paint work has passed our quality control checks we will call you to arrange installation. From measure up to install we will have your custom splashback installed in less than ten days.

Installation does not take very long just ask us for a time line. We always clean up and make sure that our customer is happy before leaving.

We are blue card ready for the construction industry.

Call Anthony mob 0437822403 . I will not disappoint .